American idol Amber redefines what it means to be a K-pop star

Liu foregoes the long hair and feminine blunt-cut bangs in favor of a short, ear-grazing bowl cut. She wears her now-typical garb to our KCON Los Angeles interview: A baggy yellow T-shirt emblazoned with a photo of Kurt Cobain smoking in his signature white sunglasses, oversized jeans with rips, and white high-top sneakers. Her voice is an octave or two lower than you’d expect, with a wonderful earthiness. Liu is notable in the K-pop industry not just for eschewing that stereotypical look, but

Sex and The Male Psychology in 'Catherine'

Since the games of today aim for a realism so true to form that graphics grow closer and closer to lifelike perfection, it only makes sense that this last barrier should be crossed. Not to explore "f*cking" -- that's been done, thank you, Kratos. But to communicate sexuality as another dimension of characters who we've already come to know emotionally, mentally, share in the memories of and more -- why not begin to understand them sexually, too?
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